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Car Number Plate Capture Camera

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ANPR camera with 6-60mm zoom lens

This camera allows you to film number plates during the day or at night up to 50 metres distance.

Record vehicle number plates at night and during the day.

Effective up to 50 metres

Individually selectable day and night time exposure settings

Unaffected by car headlights

Automatically adjusts for sunlight during the day

The powerful 6-60mm lens allows number plates to be recorded at distances of up to 50 metres during the day and night. The ANPR  cameras feature individually selectable day and night time exposure settings. During the day time you can set the camera to automatically adjust exposure settings to produce good overall images in varying light conditions. At night the camera automatically switches to preset exposure settings which allow number plates to be recorded.

1/3" SONY 960H EXview HAD CCD

Sony Effio DSP

6-60mm Auto Iris zoom Lens

12V DC 1.2A

Dimmensions: 98(H) x 90(W)x 280(D)mm

Water resistant, IP66

Adopting 10pcs cold light IR leds

Dual glass, no IR diffusion and fog

IP66, outdoor installation

Cable-managed Bracket: to prevent external force of destruction such as cutting

Video Test Plug

LED level adjustable

Lightning-proof function

With this 6-60mm lens number plates can be recorded at up to 50 metres distance.

Our ANPR 9-22mm camera allows number plates to be recorded at up to 15 metres for a slightly lower price.


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